NeoGo for your Flow!

For entrepreneurs and experts
to find like-minded people
who join your project,
share knowledge and
build up your projects even faster.


There are so many challenges and problems in the world.
Let's change it together!

Our Promise To You

You will have a home as a young entrepreneur and young expert
to help you as a young and skilled person get knowledge for building up your own projects.
Additionally, you have access to events, workshops, seminars and other experts to be supported by like-minded people.

Why to join our community


NeoGo stands for finding project buddies and like-minded people to have a mutual support.
We are a start-up family who shares best practice approaches with each other.

NeoGo for your Flow!

Join your surrounding and push your project!


Find like-minded people and build up projects even faster!


Help other people with your knowledge and get new customers!


Find your next start-up high growth investment here!


Connect and build up your network online and locally!

Our cooperation partners

We support United Nations goals!

Get knowledge out of events and learn from others!
NeoGo community supports you to grow!
Solving problems and be innovative is the key of NeoGo community!
Build relationships around your business!

What is your benefit?


Get new the latest updates from your favorite experts. Find helpful videos and share useful content!
We also want to provide you a regular meeting to exchange best practice approaches in our community.
You are welcome to share your valuable insights and experiences!
Fast. Easy. Understandable.

Cheat Sheets

Use "straight to the point" checklists to get easier and faster into execution of your projects.
Fast. Easy. Understandable.


Become aware of local or online events of incubators or startup organizations. Hence, you can expand your network, make valuable contacts, test your idea, and benefit from knowledge exchange!
Fast. Easy. Understandable.


Share your idea with the community. This way you get valuable feedback, benefit from "Open Innovation", which brings you further perspectives and saves you time!
Fast. Easy. Understandable.


Find partners with different skills to join your project and support each other to take your vision to a new level!
Fast. Easy. Understandable.

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